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Home plan drafting
Get the House plans you have labored over turned into a full set of construction drawings ready for permit submital. We will work with you to design your house, within your budget and time frame.

We start by taking what you have done, and looking at your site, the surrounding area, and the house styles in your locality. We take your plans in whatever format you have started them and make a complete preliminary design which includes all plans,elevations and a typical section. After design approval the project is developed into a full set of submittal plans which typically includes:

All floor plans, all elevations, site plan, foundation plan, structural framing plan, roof framing plan, electrical plan, plumbing riser diagram. See our custom home plan packages here.

Email or fax us your sketches, or if you have used any of the house plan software such as 3dhome architect send us your computer files. We will add all the details and data needed for construction and bidding.

If you have seen a plan that you like on the net or in a magazine or book somewhere, email us that to get started. We can modify plans to make them meet your needs and lot requirements. We will meet the building code requirements of your locality.

We offer custom house plan drafting at a reasonable cost. We have done home plans for clients across the USA.

We do not do home or site visits. If you need that service you should hire a local architect or designer.

To get started email us at:


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